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So after I bleated on and on about how I was going to start using my army of cookbooks, (and I mean really use them; staring at the pictures doesn’t cut it any more), I kind of didn’t. I ran straight off and pinched a this recipe for Arozz Verde Al Horno from the wonderful Tim of www.lottieanddoof.com fame. His result was definitely more attractive than mine (and infinitely better photographed), but I was pretty delighted all the same.

Working my way through the first few steps of this dish, I felt positively healthful. Filling the blender with all kinds of green stuffs just does that to me. I couldn’t get my hands on the epazote which Tim states in his recipe (boo! I so wanted to find this,) so I threw a little extra green pepper into the blender with the cilantro, chilli, garlic and chicken stock.



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