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Good God this dish was lovely. I’m sorry for how immodest that must sound – but I can assure you, the results were nothing to do with my skills in the kitchen (i.e. zero) and all to do with a wonderful recipe and fabulous flavour combinations.

Skordalia, it transpires, is a garlicky Greek dip of sorts, which in this case has been combined with potato to make an intensely flavoursome mash. The soft, creaminess of it works just perfectly with the veggies and tuna and I just insist you try it!



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My obsession with all things that include a bright green liquid continues. This meek little dish came out of nowhere and bowled me over with its tastiness.

The topping is extraordinarily easy. It’s just sausage meat broken down into a coarse mince and cooked with bashed-up fennel seeds and a little dried chilli. Sausage meat and fennel seed is a marriage made in heaven, and one that will be making more of an appearance in my kitchen, I think. (more…)

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